Hire an agent who can help keep your family safe while selling your home.

  • Should I sell now while the market is hot?

  • What is the health risk if I do?

  • What is the downside if I wait?

  • What choices do I have when selling?

Although there is no guarantee against a Covid (or other) exposure, I offer a way to mitigate that risk.

You choose how you want your home shown, and I'll help keep you and your family safe right through to the closing table.

  1. DIY (Do It Yourself)- In order to allow the least amount of people in your home, I will give you all the tools and tips necessary for you to take your own photos and video. I will edit those photos and video to provide the highest quality possible for your home. Once your home goes live on the MLS, I will help you manage showing requests and set you up to provide virtual walk-throughs. Once offers come in, if you would like, you can choose a few of the best and allow in-person viewings.

  2. LUDI (Let Us Do It)- Only the Fontaine Team Marketing Agent, Showing Agent and Professional Photographer will enter your home for pre-sale and showings. We will take all photos, video and 3-D views. We will edit photos, video and 3-D views to provide the highest quality possible. When your home goes live on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we will manage showing requests and our showing agent will provide virtual walk-throughs for potential buyers. If you would like, once offers come in, you can choose a few of the best and allow in-person viewings. Everyone entering your home will be asked to maintain proper precautions as required by the CDC and Maine Real Estate Commission.

  3. DILA (Do It Like Always)- We will provide professional photos, video and 3-D views of your home. Showings will be scheduled by the various buyer agents as needed, and accepted by you using the ShowingTime app. The buyer agents, many from other real estate agencies, will show your home and they will be responsible for proper precautions for themselves and their buyers.

For more information, please click here. I will set up a short Zoom meeting and answer all of your questions. I will help you gain the most money in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of stress.

Safely selling your home is possible, and can be very profitable!