Jody Boys Bios

Who dat?

Jody Alexander A voice too awesome to be captured in words, Jody’s singing is expressive but never forced, easily transitioning between styles and across octaves. Leading the band with her magnetic stage presence, the audience follows in step on our miniature musical journeys.

Dave Foster Playing guitar and keyboards since his roots day in Seacoast New Hampshire, Dave brings a love of Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel and the Rolling Stones to the stage and his vocals are a pleasant mix with Jody. Picking up call and responses on songs like Dearly Departed, or lead vocals covering Neil Young, Elvis and Paul McCartney show he’s not just background singer in Jody Boys

Cris Hart With 6 strings under his fingers for nearly 50 years, Cris plays lead & rhythm across the spectrum of rock, alternative and roots. Seacoast bred, he played with Dave Foster in college bands before departing to San Francisco for 35 year stay. There he played lead and wrote with The Tenants, contributing to the original rock repertoire. He also supported indie rock favorite Judy Bloom, a variety of cover projects before returning to writing with longtime Tenants partner on He returned Maine, found Dave Foster and joined Jody Boys in 2021